At InvisibleLawyer our service is designed to guide you through the legal process. We create state and county specific legal documents. But, we don't leave you there. We have legal professionals who will personally guide you the rest of the way. This is a great service for customers with both simple and medium complexity legal matters. We can help guide you through your divorce, civil case, adoption, custody, will, administrative hearing, business law filings, whatever it may be, we can help. GIVE US A TRY TODAY! Hover over Step One to find out how.



For $99.99 a month, this package is designed for those of you working through a case to trial, or a small business that needs a legal professional on call.




For $49.99 a month, this is the package for our customers who need a little more TLC. This package offers the same essential services as the Bronze Service, but it also give you a legal coach. This is our legal professional who will spend as much time as you need guiding you through your case.




For $24.99 a month, you get document creation, case management and case guidance. This packages offers all of the basic features of document review, correspondence, evaluation and self diagnosis of case law. This is the best package for uncontested divorces, adoptions, basic wills or simple business matters.