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When a lawyer acts as a "coach," he or she is available to give straight answers to the client for the questions the client has. The fundamental idea of coaching is that most people don't need somebody to do their negotiating for them.

What they need is good sound information that they can use to negotiate on their own.

What they need is a full exploration of the available alternatives when they're stuck on a particular point.

What they need is a fair appraisal of the strength of their case and the range of likely outcomes if a judge were to rule on it.

What they need is a good solid understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of a proposal somebody is suggesting.

What they need are some suggestions for how they might negotiate with their spouse or their spouse's lawyer to get what they want.

A coach can act as a negotiation tutor, helping a party realize how negotiations work and how to prepare for negotiations. A negotiation tutor can even guide the person through a series of role-plays, so they have an idea in advance of what to expect and how they might respond.